Charlotte’s Hope – Barrie Ontario

An eating disorder is a serious form of mental illness that affects eating-related behavior.  It is not a lifestyle choice, a diet-gone-wrong or a cry for attention.

Throughout Canada, there exists a serious gap in the treatment of eating disorders.  Following hospitalization, recovery stalls, and often regresses, without the daily support needed to manage this illness.

EDFC has long championed the need for a residential transition homes for young adults to continue with recovery and progress back to employment or education. 

EDFC is excited to announce its first home opening in Barrie, Ontario in the spring of 2020.   The transition home will be known as Charlotte’s Hope.

 Who is Charlotte?

Charlotte is you.  Charlotte is me.   It’s ANYONE who hopes for a loved one to live successfully with a serious eating disorder.


What is Charlotte’s Hope?

Charlotte’s Hope is a home in Barrie for those with a serious eating disorder and may have recently required hospitalization.  Acceptance to the home is by referral by the family doctor or eating disorder treatment team and assessment by the intake supervisor. 

The length of stay in the home, which is designed for up to 5 residents at a time, will be for a minimum period of 6 weeks which may be extended a further 6 weeks depending on individual needs.

Residents, who must be at least 18 years old, are accommodated with one or two others in one of four large suites.   Rooms such as kitchen, dining, living, laundry and outside spaces are all shared.  There is 24/7 supervision.

What is the Recovery Support Program?


In addition to assisting the residents to follow their unique treatment plan as outlined by their family practitioner or treatment teams, every individual will participate in a program of support activities to advance their recovery.

This will include:

  • Direction in meal planning, food purchasing, healthy nutrition and food purchasing,
  • Dining as a group in which food is only one aspect of the social value of eating together,
  • Engagement in activities in the area of art, music, crafts, photography etc., led by community leaders,
  • Getting involved in appropriate and healthy physical activities such as yoga.


Our Recovery Support Workers are there to help with the development of life skills necessary for independent living and assist with career and educational planning.  At the same time, being the bridge between the resident and their medical team helping to keep progress on track.  

Am I Eligible?

You are eligible if:
1.  You are 18-35 years of age and have support of family or close friends,
2.  You agree to participate fully in the program offered,
3.  You acknowledge that you have the right to withdraw from the program if there are unforeseen circumstances or may be asked to leave should you unable to follow the program as laid out in the resident agreement.

How do I Apply?

If you are eligible and wish to apply to be resident, you will need:

A letter of recommendation from family physician, psychiatrist or treatment program confirming both mental and physical stability as well as suitability for the programs offered
(see Application Form for completion)

 The agreement of your referring physician or treatment team to continue to follow your progress while you are a resident and after discharge from the program.


To acknowledge that an evaluation of the program will be conducted by EDFC with full confidentiality of your identity.



What Does it Cost?

Charlotte’s Hope is a project of Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada, a registered Canadian charity.  In order to make this valuable stage in eating disorder recovery affordable, EDFC will be keeping the residency fee to only $350 per week, until further notice.

Please enquire about special rates if the resident is eligible for ODSP.

How Can I Help?

Volunteers are playing a significant part in bring a transition home for adults with eating disorders to Barrie, Simcoe County and beyond.  This one-of-kind-facility in Ontario benefits from the financial support of individuals and the in-kind contribution of people with many skills, resources and gifts.  We welcome your offers of help. 


To volunteer your time, talents and resources to the success of the CHARLOTTE’S HOPE please let us know by completing the volunteer form.


The affordable Resident and Program Fee of only $350 per week only covers less than 40% of our costs.  We require individual donations, corporate partnerships and in-kind gifts to fund the majority of the costs associated of running CHARLOTTE’S HOPE.

If you would like to make a donation , please click the button below: