Eligibility Criteria

  1. Letter of recommendation from family physician, psychiatrist or treatment program confirming both mental and physical stability as well as suitability for the programs offered.
  2. The referring physician or treatment team will continue to follow their referred patients/clients while they are residents of the house and after their discharge from the program.
  3. The referring physician/psychiatrist/treatment team will collaborate with the Recovery Support Worker on a weekly or as needed basis with patient consent.
  4. To be 18-35 years of age and have support of family or close friends.
  5. The individual will agree to participate fully in the program offered and will be part of setting up objectives for their stay. They will retain the right to withdraw from the program if there are unforeseen circumstances or may be asked to leave should they be unable to follow the program as laid out in the resident agreement.
  6. Individuals accepted into Barrie House need to acknowledge an evaluation of the program will be conducted by EDFC with full confidentiality of their identity.

Referrals for Admission will be accepted as received from:

  • York and Simcoe counties served by the Southlake Regional Health Centre, Newmarket, ON and
    Royal Victoria Hospital, Barrie, Ontario.
  • Other eating disorder programs affiliated with hospitals in Ontario.
  • Applications from individuals under the supervision of doctor or health care professional in Ontario.
  • Applicants from other Canadian provinces.