Employment Opportunities

The Recovery Support Worker plays an important role in managing the daily workings of Barrie House and engaging with individuals who live there as part of their recovery journey.

The Recovery Support Worker is key to providing a safe, warm and friendly environment for eating disorders recovery. They participate in and guide activities of daily living, and have a private suite in the home.

Primarily, the RSW ensures follow-up care for individuals with their doctors and therapists they are seeing on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. The RSW will help schedule and arrange private locations for them to meet with their doctors or therapist in house visits and through telehealth services, and help support suggestions and therapies recommended for them.

An essential part of living in the Place for Recovery will be participation in many activities led by special counselors in areas such as: nutritional awareness, controlled exercise, yoga, arts, crafts and music. All these programs would be tailored to individual needs. These activities and learning experiences will help in the recovery while in Barrie House and provide life interests that would extend well beyond their time together. The RSW will play a major role in managing and scheduling these sessions with special counselors based on their knowledge and ability to relate to each individual in recovery. In fact, the RSW will be called upon to help select the special counselors and assess their contribution to the overall objectives.

A focus of the RSW will be to help individuals develop skills for independent living as they return to higher education or the workforce. An essential part of the program will be learning the practical skills of food purchasing, preparation, cooking, and presentation and of course clean-up. The RSW would be expected to engage individuals in the preparation of meals and to eat together in a family-like setting. This will ensure that food and eating is part of a social time that also includes conversation, laughter and mutual support.

We expect that the special person hired as the Recovery Support Worker will come from a health care field, perhaps as a retired RN, RNA, social worker, occupational therapist, dietician, or teacher. In addition to a wealth of experience, we will be looking for a special individual with a recognized capacity for empathy, leadership, mentorship and communication skills.

The Compensation

EDFC is offering an annual salary paid monthly which will include a private suite in the residence as well as food, all utilities and parking. The salary is open to negotiation. You will be able to take 4 weeks annual vacation and time off on weekends. A part-time position will be created to provide for coverage in the residence during vacation periods and other days or time off.

During the start-up phase, getting the house ready and meeting the first of the residents, part time employment is offered. We are planning on full time employment to commence around October 1, 2019,

Are You the Special Person We Seek?

If so, we invite you to send your resume and why you think you could help impact the recovery of individuals coming to Barrie House in their recovery journey in a positive way to info@edfc.ca.