Recovery House – Barrie Ontario

An exciting opportunity to support individuals on their recovery journey

Discharging those with eating disorders from specialized treatment without the opportunity to transition to community can sometimes lead to interruptions to the recovery of the patient that may include readmission. EDFC has recognized, especially for young adults, this can be a difficult time for some as they take the next important steps in their recovery.


Supporting the needs of the individual during their recovery journey is the main goal of Barrie House – A Place for Recovery.


Our Place in Barrie

32 Capilano Court, Barrie, Ontario

Opening October 2019

Our Objective

Discharging those with eating disorders from hospital beds and programs directly back into their home and community often leads to poorer outcomes for the patient and higher re-admission rates for hospitals. EDFC has recognized that for a young adult transitioning from hospital, or treatment program, to a life which includes continued education or career is not easy. The immediate return to a stressful environment is not always in the best interest of recovery as it can quickly lead to a rapid decompensation.

Designed to help young adults by establishing and maintaining eating strategies while living together in a safe and supportive home environment.

Our place in Barrie will be accepting referrals from doctors for stays of between one to three months to participate in a residential program with the guidance of a live-in Recovery Support Worker. Three shared apartments within the house will accommodate up to eight residents living together in a mutually supportive environment.

Each resident will be expected to be followed by their own doctor or treatment team(s) who will have access to the use of a private consultation room either face to face or through secure video conferencing such as the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).

Costs for food, lodging and educational programs centered about healthy lifestyle and skills development are reasonable and actually quite significantly lower than other residential or out-of-country programs.

There is a missing piece in the pathway to a successful recovery…

EDFC has acknowledged this missing piece and is now offering the opportunity to experience a home-like/shared housing setting to help with this difficult period of transition.

Barrie House provides transitional assistance by offering:

  • One of three spacious suites with one or two others with a common kitchen, dining room, living room, outside decks and lawns.
  • A home strictly for eating disorders with up to eight individuals that has been designed to provide a safe, warm and friendly environment.
  • A home with a “Recovery Support Worker” to provide ongoing assistance with the activities of daily living. They will also ensure follow-up care with doctors and therapists to facilitate continuity of care.
  • A private space for consultation as well as remote access through the Ontario Telemedicine Network.
  • Daily activities in the home that are coordinated by the Recovery Support Worker or by special counselors engaged to lead programs and recreational activities such as yoga, art, dance, music, etc.
  • An opportunity to participate in all aspects of living together including shopping for food, preparing meals, kitchen duties, laundry and housekeeping. These are skills that are important building blocks for attaining the goal of independent living.
  • The Recovery Support Worker and residents share an “eating together” experience in a family-like setting in an environment that promotes enjoying food as just one aspect of a pleasant social situation.
  • Ongoing personal evaluation that will be shared with the treatment team as part of a follow-up care plan (with residents’ consent).