Canadian Eating Disorder Alliance (CEDA)

CEDA is a dedicated group of stakeholders and volunteers whose main goal is to improve health and social outcomes for people living with and affected by Eating Disorders. Members of the Alliance includes:

  • Eating Disorders Association of Canada (EDAC);
  • Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada (EDFC);
  • National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC); and
  • National Initiative for Eating Disorders (NIED).

The Alliance is working with a range of stakeholders to

  • reduce stigma associated with EDs;
  • improve public awareness about EDs;
  • improve education, training and health and social system design in support of the following person-, organizational- and system-level goals:
  • support early detection of risk factors associated with EDs;
  • improve outcomes for people across Canada who are affected by EDs;
  • create and improve access to research-based resources and prevention strategies that are accessible to providers, families and people living with EDs; and
  • improve referrals to appropriate care between different parts of the health and social care systems.

Here is a short description of resources available at our alliance partners in CEDA, and links to learn more.

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National Eating Disorder Information Centre (NEDIC)

In Canada, NEDIC, the National Eating Disorder Information Centre, is the primary resource for information related to:

  • Awareness and the prevention of disorders,
  • Food and weight preoccupation, and
  • Disordered eating by promoting critical thinking skills and a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

NEDIC operates Canada’s only National Toll-Free Helpline providing information on treatment options and/or support to people across Canada either directly or indirectly affected by disordered eating and related concerns.

NEDIC Helpline Helpline open until 9pm EST
Toll FREE 1-866-633-4220 Toronto 416-340-4156

NEDIC also provides a national directory of 600 service providers providing relevant local resources and referral to Canadians across the country. For your convenience, here is the direct link to their extensive directory.

NEDIC’s Service Provider Directory

For more information on all the support activities of NEDIC, we urge you to visit their website at

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National Initiative for Eating Disorders (NIED)

NIED is the voice for Canadian families, caregivers, and individuals who are affected by Eating Disorders and other co-morbid and concurrent diagnoses.

They help caregivers, patients, and practitioners fill gaps in care through education and by highlighting better practices in prevention, health promotion, and treatment.

NIED is working with stakeholders across the country to address the gaps in current services, delays in treatment, lack of pan-Canadian data, and insufficient training for clinicians and healthcare professionals.

NIED provides the opportunity to attend support groups in Toronto.

For more information – NIED Support Groups

For useful Information, Links & Resources NIED provides a handy guide for those interested.

Resource Links at

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Eating Disorders Association of Canada (EDAC-ATAC)

EDAC-ATAC is a Canadian organization of professionals in the field of eating disorders and related areas. The mandate of EDAC-ATAC is to best serve the needs of those whose lives are impacted by eating disorders.

The EDAC-ATAC welcome new members to this Canadian association of eating disorder professionals. Members have the opportunity to be part of a growing organization dedicated to improving care for individuals with eating disorders across Canada.

The 7th Biennial EDAC-ATAC Conference will be held November 5-6, 2020 in Montreal.

For more information visit