Mission Statement and Objectives

Mission Statement

Eating disorders are severe and debilitating mental illnesses with the highest mortality of any mental illness. The burden of eating disorders on individuals, their families and their communities is immeasurable. To this end, the Eating Disorders Foundation of Canada is committed to raising funds to support education, treatment and research for evidence based care.


  • To invest in research that promotes effective treatment for eating disorders;


  • To invest in clinical education for those who treat individuals with eating disorders to enhance the delivery of evidence based care;


  • To advocate for the prevention of eating disorders, the provision of and access to evidence based eating disorder services, and the promotion of the field of eating disorder education and research;
  • To advocate for greater public awareness and education about eating disorders;


  • To encourage and support the development of supportive housing in communities where it does not exist; and,


  • To be a resource for individuals and their families who cannot access eating disorder care.